Fresh Produce

Fresh Market Carrots

Our carrots are of high quality, with our primary varities being chosen for their sweet taste, anti-carcinogenic properties, and high Beta-Carotene content.

They are triple washed, quick chilled for maximum freshness, sized for a professional looking pack, and packed in our newly  designed bag.

Fresh Market Onions

Our varities are chosen for their flavour and texture, and to ensure a uniform bulb size.  They are crisp and fresh tasting.  We use organic materials as part of our fertilizing program including gypsum, lime, woodash and chicken manure recycled from our poultry barns.

Marketed under the country magic label in partnership with Nova Agri.


Our new Rainbow Carrots!

          For the past three years we have been growing a variety of carrots called "Rainbow Carrots", which is a very old heirloom carrot seed variety.  When planted, it grows in  a rainbow of colors from white to deep orange. Each color has its own unique nutritional qualities. They store extremely well, and we use no artificial preservatives in packaging them.After working with this variety, we thought it would make an excellent snack for children because the colors are very attractive, they are very crunchy, and they have a sweet carrot taste. In the fall of 2009, we partnered with Kings Processing(Annapolis County) to offer our rainbow carrots as a quality carrot stick and shredded product.  Perfect as a ready to serve ingredient in stir-fry's, salad and soup garnish, or as a dinner side dish for both schools and restaurants.  These are also available in a 2 lb cello package, and a larger 50 lb size for restaurant and food service. Click the carrot guy for more info!



                                     Kings Processing Ltd
                                                                                                                                                      Middleton, NS
                                                                                                                                                    (902) 825-2188





Rainbow Sticks, 454g

Rainbow Shreds, 284g